CA Day 6: Bargain Hunting and Good Eats

One of things I was most excited about was finding cheap fabric at the swap meet for future sewing projects. Fabric is ridiculously expensive here and the selection is terrible at the local store. My grandmother is such a pro at navigating our hometown swap meet. How cute is she with her little cart and hat? You can't see from the pictures, but her jeans are also bedazzled.

I never realized I lived in a state where fresh produce was easy to find. It's strawberry season year round and white peaches are cheap and easy to find.

I didn't end up buying any fabric, but I purchased a few zippers for less than a third of the usual price you may find at Joann's. At one point I found the perfect fabric for a maxi skirt. The vendor didn't have the yardage I needed so he asked me to take a look in his van. Don't ever go look inside a stranger's van, friends.

My grandmother came away with some leopard print fabric for $3 a yard which she plans to make into a dress one day. That will be a sight to see.

One vendor had a huge assortment of cosmetics for sale. Girls are naturally drawn to things that will make them prettier.

Hubby spent the majority of the time trailing my grandmother around and making sure no one took advantage of her. She's a tough old lady though who is great at haggling prices.

After dropping my grandmother off from the swap meet, Hubby and I headed to Santa Monica to do some shopping and grab some lunch. Yelp has really been letting us down lately. True Food Kitchen boasts a healthful menu, but the portion sizes do not match the high prices. Rutabegorz is a much better option if you are looking for great and affordable food.

We planned to have dinner with my sister and her boyfriend so we went back to my family's house to wait for them. Riley got a little photo shoot out of it.

Even more pictures of food. Don't they look delicious? Both the Olive Pit and Bruxie served up some amazing meals. I'm sure if we lived back home we would be frequent visitors.


Hi Min! Which swap meet did you go to?

Hope you're having fun being back in CA!
Debbie said…
It's The Olive Pit!