Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the Road (Day 1)

Being trapped inside a moving vehicle for thirteen hours is awful. My new camera kept me entertained temporarily, but I was going absolutely nutters (another word I've added to my verbal dictionary thanks to HP). Click the link below the picture to view a timeline of the first part of our exhausting road trip back home.

0634: Car is packed. Let's go!

0637: Fill up the tank at only $3.06/gallon

0650: Take 30 minutes to finish one Clif bar for breakfast

0730: Catch Bella peeking at us

0738: Cross the Colorado River. Apparently there's more than one?

0750: Bella enjoys the view

0803: Harry Potter audiobooks keep us entertained

0820: Potty break. Strangers taunt Bella through the windows and make her bark

0910: Lunch? Disgusting Lunchables for me. Beef jerky and squeezable apple sauce for Hubby

1030: We realize that Bella's bed is completely in the sun

1055: Fill up the tank again at $3.39/gallon. We move Bella to a more shaded position

1126: We hear Bella snore. I grow extremely jealous of Bella's ability to sleep through the entire car ride

1354: There are no helmet laws in TX. Hubby tells me to put my camera away. "They're a real gang, you know." 

1446: Fill up the tank again right before we hit El Paso. Hubby tries to get Bella to go potty. Bella says, "Screw you! I ain't peeing on no rocks."

1516: Finally out of Texas!

1620: We both go crazy after about ten hours in the car and start howling.

1621: Bella doesn't care

1653: New Mexico is a really small state

1654: I realize that it's actually 1554 because of the time change. The one hour I thought we had left in the car really turns into two.

1700 (really): I make a cocoon for myself to shield myself from the hot sun

1720: In N Out! I copied Hubby and got my burger protein style, which means no toasted buns. NEVER AGAIN. The lettuce on my burger wasn't wrapped properly so I was just holding a cheesy meat patty in my hand. I threw it down dramatically and yelled, "This is ridiculous! I can't eat this!" I get really crabby when I'm hungry...

1840: Cuddle time


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Your photos have gotten so good! Can't wait to hear more about your road trip. We just came back from one ourselves, need to post!

Spencer said...

i love this post! taking a photo of every stop seems like a lot of fun. i wish you guys filled up more often cause i was expecting to see a slow and consistent rise in gas prices the further west you guys came haha. also protein burgers are great! you get used to holding it after a while :)