CA Day 3: Hiking, Swimming, and Zero Fireworks

Our Independence Day morning began with a foggy hike. Starting your morning with some sort of activity is key when you plan on eating loads of fatty foods in just a few hours. Why is it that we use holidays as an excuse to eat and eat and eat and eat...

I'm certainly not complaining.

The first fifteen minutes of the hike were awful until my brain decided that I was not going to die just because I walked up some hill at a moderately fast pace. Hiking isn't so bad once you ignore the fast heartbeat, ear popping, random rustling in the bushes and the stumbling over rocks.

If you look carefully at the bottom left picture of the collage, you can see Hubby holding his combat knife in his hand. Always prepared, that man. And he actually is pointing at the map to show me the altitudes of the hills and mapping out our trail.

I totally kicked myself when I realized that my Nikon camera battery was dead right before we travelled to a family Fourth of July BBQ. Luckily, I had my little point and shoot camera in my purse as backup.

Hubby spent most of the afternoon swimming with his little brothers and tossing them in the air. His littlest brother loved filling up his water gun and squirting Hubby in the face. Times like these make me really want a kid because I know Hubby will be a great father.

California has so many restrictions on fireworks that we were too afraid to shoot any. We were also too lazy to wait at a park for hours to wait for a show. A July 4th without any fireworks. Can you imagine?


The hike looks beautiful! We didn't stay up for fireworks this year either. Anyway, after 5 minutes, I've had my fill of them.

You guys will both be great parents someday.