Aww. Sad Day

Many weekends ago, The Hubby and I were invited to a cookout at another Soldier's house. He lives with two other single twenty-somethings in a giant house in a beautiful neighborhood. They pooled together their BAH to get a five bedroom house so that they could designate two rooms just for gaming. Basically, them living there probably lowered the housing market in their neighborhood.

When we arrived, they had their grill going in the driveway with a beer filled cooler readily on hand. There were two blonde girls there, probably my age if not older. They had provided the jello shots for the gathering. One was using her little pomeranian as an accessory. The other was much taller than I am and wore a pink button down shirt with the first buttoned button below her boob, leaving her ta-tas hanging out for all the world to see.

Lady, I don't need to know you're wearing a matching pink lace bra. Leave a little to the imagination, ya know?

We had to leave early because Bella was locked up (a dog is the perfect excuse to leave uncomfortable situations, btw) and said goodbye to everyone.

Pink lace bra girl asked us if we were leaving and when we said yes, she pouted her lips and said, "Aww. Sad day."

It took every ounce of self control in my body not to burst out laughing.

So when I dropped a piece of chocolate on the floor the other day, I texted my husband: "Dropped chocolate on the floor. Sad day."

Forget to eat your vitamins today? Sad day.

Didn't thaw the chicken for dinner? Sad day.

The Hubby better be thankful he met me eight years ago or else he would probably be another single Lieutenant hanging out with dog-holding, boob-hanging, sad day girls.


Bless said…
Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!!!
Long time lurker here, I think I posted a few months ago. Love, love your posts!

Btw, I am extremely jealous that you sew!! I've refrained myself from buying 'artsy' stuff because I tell myself that instead of wasting $$$ I can sew it myself. But never do. Sad day.
Min said…
Thanks so much for your comment! Comments make me so happy :)

I may be able to sew, but I can't make cards like you do. Sad day.
Bless said…
I actually rediscovered your blog a few weeks ago! I religiously check your blog everyday (added to Favourites/and not a creepy stalker) but it would always take me to your News Years video post. I thought you stopped blogging. Finally one day I decided to read some of your old entries and saw the year 2012!!! Yahoo.

I read your post on teaching. Good for you for deciding what’s best for you.

I think you should channel yourself on being an art teacher.
Apply as an arts/craft teacher in a community centre. Or open your own studio (in your home). Start with 1 or 2 kids, and let it build.
You are really good!! And best, you will get the kids that want to be there.

My husband is also a teacher but his passion is filmmaking. About three years ago, a film position opened, he applied and got it.
And what a difference it makes when you are doing something you love!

Anyway, don’t mind my rambling… :P I just really admire you and your work!
Min said…
You're so sweet! I am at a point in my life where I am trying to figure out what I want to do. Thankfully, I have my wonderful husband supporting me. Once I figure it out, I'll be sure to blog about it!