Florida Day 1: Fort Lauderdale, Food, and Monkeys

Pop sent over a CD with all of his pictures from our vacation in Florida. I am so happy to begin a recap of our wonderful trip. I recommend clicking on the pictures to enlarge them for a closer look.

Day 1-Saturday 10/09

We took a direct flight from Austin on Jet Blue and left our car in long-term parking. I'm telling you this because it will play a role on Day 7...Oh, the suspense! The Hubby failed to bring his own ear phones so we shared mine and watched the same channel. It was quite annoying as I wanted to watch the dog special on Animal Planet while he insisted on watching the History Channel.

The Fort Lauderdale airport plays the Macarena song when it is alerting passengers that the baggage carousel is about to move instead of the usual loud blaring noise. As we were exiting the terminal, a recorded voice said, "Hello! You are beautiful!" What a great first impression, Florida! Well played.

Nana and Pop rolled up in their green minivan and gave us great big hugs. We then drove around Fort Lauderdale's beach town and saw girls in teeny tiny bikinis and men in speedos. Some overweight old dudes have absolutely no shame.  

We ate dinner at the 15th Street Fisheries. What a treat! From the dock, you could see personal yachts parked in the backyards of mansions. We ate in the upstairs dining area, which is the more expensive "classier" menu than the dockside cafe.  

Yelp reviews for the downstairs area were not very kind, but the food was pretty amazing upstairs. I loved the presentation of everything so of course I had to take close-up shots. We didn't leave a single delicious bite on our plates. 

Nana, Pop and I ordered from a special menu that was a three course meal for a great price. We all ordered different desserts and the four of us sampled a bit of everything. What's funny is that we all claimed that we were too stuffed to eat another bite, but look how we scraped the plates clean!

It was finally time to head to Bonita Springs and settle into our home for the week. Florida is unusual in that there are very few neighborhoods, but the area is prevalent with gated communities. Many of these communities have their own golf courses, clubs and fitness center.

All the homes are well manicured and looked like Wisteria Lane. Everyone had swimming pools and jacuzzis that were covered to keep out the bugs.

Nana's nickname is "Monkey". I really don't know the story behind that, but over time she has accumulated a mass amount of monkeys for her house. I know that I didn't get all of them, but here is a collage of the ones I could find.

Up next: Beaches, Mansions, and Monster Spiders

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Rebecca said…
was it super humid?? and some of the monkeys are hilarious
Shirley said…
"I wanted to watch Animal Planet and Brandon wanted to watch History Channel." Yup that sums up my friends perfectly =)
Spencer said…
ooh monster spiders, i cant wait!
Tiffany said…
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