Virtual Shopping: Anthropologie

Window shopping is fun, but virtual shopping is even better. You see, it's harder to curb your urges when the object you desire is right in front of you. But with the internet, you have to deal with shipping costs, entering your billing information, and clicking at least three "are you sure?" buttons before processing your purchase. 

The best part of it is that I could completely ignore the hefty price tags and just "purchase" whatever I wanted...even if it is excessive and wasteful. 

Besides, stores are limited here at Fort Hood. And I heard that one of the best ways to achieve your purchasing goals is by listing out what you want so that you always have it in mind.

Here is my shopping list from Anthropologie. It looks like I'm attracted to blues and greens. Although Anthropologie also sells clothing, I am more interested in their home goods. Just shows you how I have more of an interest in completing our house than my wardrobe. 

1. Vernal Cusp Rug2. Hot Spot Rolling Pin3. Flame Leaf Bowl4. Dotty Match Pot Holder5. Storybook Romance Dishtowels6. Paper Sketch Vase7. Farmer's Egg Crate8. Cadiz Mug9. Mix Well Recipe Cards10. Trumpeting Twosome Shakers

Aren't these aprons too pretty to mess up with spills and splatters?
1. Bountiful Bubbles Apron2. Tea and Crumpets Apron3. Sewing Basket Apron4. 3-D Toile Full Apron5. Dotty Match Apron6. Buttoned Lace Apron


Tiffany said…
I am loving Anthropologie at the moment. It doesn't hurt that I currently live down the street from one, so my wallet gets a punch in the stomach from time to time...