Florida Day 5: Mulan, Nemo, and How I Almost Lost My Breakfast

Day 5-Wednesday 10/13

Pop and Nana surprised us by announcing on Tuesday that we were going to Disney World. We left early Wednesday morning for Orlando, a three hour drive. I brilliantly brought along a blanket for the car ride so I was able to get a few more hours of sleep than anyone else. 

One thing I noticed right away was that the parks are much larger than the ones in California and are spread further apart. You actually have to drive in order to get to a different park since they are not just across from each other. 

I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to because my camera's battery was about to die. The Disney pictures on Pop's camera disappeared too (probably because we entered The Twilight Zone) so I had to borrow some from the Disney website. Basically, the pictures below that look nicer than what I am capable of taking are from their official website.

We spent two days at Disney World and chose to attend Epcot the first day. They were having their annual Food and Wine Festival at the time and were selling kitchen items along with different foods at separate booths for each country.

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The very first ride we went on was Spaceship Earth. It was strange to go on new rides and not know exactly what was going to happen. Spaceship Earth sends you back in time and shows you the path to civilization today. Near the end of the ride, you are prompted to answer questions based on your lifestyle and then it processes your choices and shows you what your life will be like in the future. 

I had been looking forward to Mission: Space since that was all The Hubby could talk about. There are two "teams" you can choose to be on and of course The Hubby wanted to try the more intense training team. I saw at least three warnings that the more intense training was not suited for those with motion sickness, but The Hubby said I would be fine. I was not fine.

It works like a flight simulator and you sit in a tiny space capsule and stare straight at a screen. The capsule jolts and spins quickly so that you feel the G forces against your body. You are prompted by actor Gary Sinise to press certain buttons during your flight in order to finish your mission. As soon as we "took off", I knew that it was going to be bad. I had to repeat in my head that I was okay and luckily I did not have to use the motion sickness bags provided by each seat.

I felt awful afterwards and I blamed my husband completely for making telling me that I was going to be fine. Nana and Pop were the smart ones who stayed away from this journey to Mars.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends was a really nice aquarium filled with various fish, sting rays, jellyfish, manatees, and dolphins. The actual Nemo ride was pretty similar to the submarine ride at Disneyland, but instead you sit in a clamobile so it was far less claustrophobic. See video here

I always seem to use the flash on accident when I'm told not to, like during the play "Annie" while we were in Austin. What happens is that I think I can get better pictures if I change the camera to a night setting, but always forget that the flash is part of that setting. You'll see this again in my next post.

The folks at Disney really took some care in the detail of each country in the World Pavilion. We actually waited in line to take a picture with Mulan in China because it is so hard to find her in CA. I felt a little embarrassed because I was probably the oldest person who wanted a picture with her. But Mulan didn't care. She even asked me if I was there to join her army. Heck yeah!

We also watched the Dragon Legend Acrobats perform and they were quite amazing. I felt a little bad for them though because I just know that their childhoods are probably all about training and not much else. There was not much space for an audience so everyone was asked to sit down. It's amazing how angry some can get when it comes to others blocking their view. There were many people shouting, "Move!" or "Sit down!"

We didn't get to see all of the countries because we had to leave for a bit to check in at our hotel and get some dinner, but we did see Norway, Germany, Mexico, and a little bit of France. We also saw IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. Video here.

Our last ride was Soarin' and it is exactly like the one in CA. The line was over an hour long, but they really did something clever to make the wait shorter. There was a series of interactive games that often required team work. Here is a video from YouTube. 

I was pretty upset that no one was playing along when we were racing birds that reacted to our body movements, as seen below.

The Hubby took a video of me trying to pop blobs on the screen. As you can see, I got really into it. I even took of my jacket because I started to sweat.

Most of the rides in Epcot are educational. Even the "high-speed" ride Test Track taught us what kinds of tests cars have to go through before they are sold to the public.

We ended our night by going on a ride on the Monorail in hopes to spot parts of the other parks at Disney World. Unfortunately, we didn't see much at all and were very tired.

On our way to the minivan, Nana noticed that a part of her skin on her leg looked inflamed and we went to the emergency room to make sure that everything was fine. We got back to our room very late, but we surprisingly were ready for Disney Day Two the next morning. 

Up next: Hollywood in FL, The Twilight Zone, and More Flashes

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