Florida Day 6: Hollywood in FL, The Twilight Zone, and More Flashes

Day 6-Thursday 10/14

After a big breakfast at Denny's, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I thought that it was going to be similar to California Adventures, but they had a lot of things CA doesn't have. (click to enlarge!)

I had a great time on The Great Movie Ride. I just found it really cleverly done and I love movies. At one point, a gangster named Mugsy came by and hijacked us from our narrator. We were asked not to take flash photography, but of course I messed up once again and I blinded Mugsy. I was really embarrassed and The Hubby confiscated the camera for a bit.

We were taken into scenes from some famous movies. I especially loved the "Mary Poppins" remake and I got a great kick out of seeing one of the merry go round horses from the famous Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene (and, yes, I did Google that). 

The Wicked Witch even made an appearance in Munchkin Land. The animatronics looked so real that I thought the Witch was an actor too.

There were a lot more shows than rides at Hollywood Studios. The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show was really spectacular (video here). I can't even imagine how much work goes into each show and the precision that each stunt requires. Some of the cars were doing tricks backwards, but later they showed us how they had altered the car so that the driver's seat was actually at the rear. 

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunts Spectacular showed the audience how action scenes in the movies are made.

We didn't get to do Toy Story Mania because the wait was too long. Some kids were getting autographs and pictures with the toy soldiers, but I thought he was a little scary with the netting over his face.

I was slightly disappointed with the Studio Backlot Tour because the one in Universal Studios is so much better. Pop knew that water was going to flow over the top of our tram on the left side so he made Nana sit on that side.

My favorite ride has always been Tower of Terror and I have been on it enough times to know exactly when the first drop is. The Hubby had always mentioned how the one in Disney World is bigger and better than the one in CA and he was right!

Instead of just being raised up until you finally dropped, you actually go further inside the building into a separate room. Watch this video here to see what I mean. I tried to get my own video of the entire ride, but my camera stopped taping. I did get it recording in time to get at least part of our actual drop so those screams you hear are mine.

As you can see in the picture below, the hotel building is wider than the one in CA. My heart was racing because I had no idea when we were going to drop or what was going to happen next.

Funny story (probably funnier for us than for Nana): Nana does not ride in regular elevators so she was definitely not going to ride a haunted one. I kept reassuring her that there would be an exit at the end of the line since there is on in CA and I told her that there is no way she would have to ride if she didn't want to. It turns out, however, that the only way to exit the building from that point other than being on the ride was by an elevator! They ended up unlocking chained doors and leading her through some secret back way in order to get her out!

The Hubby and I rode on the Rock n' Roller Coaster on our own. We stood in the single riders line to get a shorter wait time. There were multiple signs telling us that we would be separated, but we were seated together by chance anyway--our third time breaking the system. I would compare this ride to Space Mountain, but with loops.

The night ended with us watching Fantasmic in their Hollywood Bowl inspired stadium seating. It was a lot easier to enjoy the show while sitting in seats instead of trying to look in between shoulders and heads back at Disneyland. The show in Florida is vastly different (video here). I can't say if I liked it more or less, but it was really wonderful and a great dose of Disney magic as it included characters from more movies.

Up next: Fancy Chocolate, Putt Putt and White Sands

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Spencer said…
i thought your grandma was gonna end up being forced on the elevator as i read that part and i kept thinking "you are a terrible person min"