Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have bigger and better plans than I do. Bella and I are planning on hiding out in the dark. There are a lot of kids in this neighborhood, and I'm sure that Bella and I would go absolutely bonkers with the door bell going off every ten minutes.

In my old neighborhood, all the kids grew up together so when I was finally old enough to hand out candy, there were no kids left to hand it out to, which was fine by me. That just meant I could eat all the chocolate on my own.

The Hubby was really close to buying a costume for Bella from Target. I think she actually would have liked it because she actually gets really excited when I put something on her. Such a diva.

The Hubby banned me from painting Bella and turning her into a tiger dog. Instead, I bought her a stuffed spider toy. I knew she would love it because it has a squeaker, is fluffy, and has flappy parts to hit her face when she shakes it around in her mouth. Plus, Petsmart had everything Halloween on clearance so I love it too. 

Hey, are you lookin' at me?

Where didja go?

Aha! I got ya!

Alright, Ma. Enough with the pictures!


Tiffany said…
That's a pretty scary pictue of Bella. BUT I LOVE THE SQUIRREL COSTUME!!! :D
Spencer said…
hahaha bella looks like shes about to sigh and roll her eyes
Rebecca said…
HAHA. how did you get such good pictures....

and i love the spider