Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, two simple ingredients combined together make a heavenly dessert. Sweet yet tangy mandarin oranges paired with light and airy Cool Whip is a perfect 60 calories alternative to my usual obsession with ice cream. 
This satisfied my sweet tooth this afternoon after I bypassed a Snicker's Almond bar at the checkout line. Have you tasted one before? They seem to be difficult to find, but they are absolutely delicious and reminiscent of my favorite chocolates from See's Candies.

Also, thank you to those who encouraged me to amp up my blog. It's truly more time consuming than just posting up a picture like I used to, but I get satisfaction from it when I hear good comments.

I used Poladroid to transform a normal snapshot from my camera and embellished it with Pugly Pixel's free downloads. I do everything with PowerPoint because I still have no idea how to use my Gimp program (a faux-Photoshop). 


Rebecca said…
the snickers almond bars aren't as good as they sound :(

cool whip is dairy free??!