Brain Dump

Random thoughts, happenings and rants:

I don't know how to explain this...

  • Rediscovered the greatness of Britney recently. Thank you, "Glee".
  • The Hubby knows the lyrics of *NSYNC and Spice Girls better than I do.
  • Thank goodness for our Ninja Master Prep. It shaved down the prep time for Oreo truffles by at least 45 minutes. Kudos.
  • The cost of ingredients for the bake sale probably does not cover the profits. But at least I have something to do with my spare time now.
  • Currently being continuously kicked by a spoiled dog on the couch. -->
  • Day 3 of The Husbandless Month almost completed. No tears, although almost had a breakdown while shopping at the PX today.
  • Currently addicted to "Friday Night Lights". Makes me want to check out a high school football game here in Texas. There are numerous scenes where they just drive in the middle of nowhere. They definitely filmed on location. 
  • New neighbors have dogs. Dogs that like to howl into the night. And day. Why can't Labradors howl?
  • Found a phone in the parking lot today and was able to find its owner by making several phone calls. Glad to make a difference in somebody's day.
  • I can't believe Audrina left "DWTS" before Palin's daughter. Do you agree with me, Nana?
  • Will have an overnight visitor tomorrow. Welcome back, Penny!
  • Was fairly satisfied with having Netflix instead of cable until I discovered that I would not be able to watch any Lakers games until the Playoffs. 
  • Dessert week including bake sale recaps scheduled for next week. 


Spencer said…
you actually want your dog to how?? im always embarrassed when my dog barks through the night
Min said…
I think her howling would be less annoying than her screeching barks.
Tiffany said…
Try dealing with deep labby barks throughout the night/early morning... it can be frightening to wake up to that. :)