You've Got Mail

Last month, I came across a free fabric offer from Prudent Baby. All I had to do was submit a video of me reading a piece of  "Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter". I will definitely think of getting the book version for any future mothers of daughters or any woman in my life with a birthday coming up. 

I chose to read Prudent Advice #174 and Bella was my co-star.

I found this in our mailbox after we came home Saturday night. I love that the postage stamp is the Calvin and Hobbes stamp I mentioned before.
 And inside was this pretty pretty fabric.
  I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet. Maybe a fat quarter apron...if I ever splurge for a sewing machine that is.
 But wait! There was something else for me in the mail. This one was from Disneyland?
 Actually, it was my friend Rebecca being sweet and sending me some Disney magic. 
Thanks for something in the mail other than credit card applications and bills!


Rebecca said…
ooh glad you got it! that leaf was a heart shape but i forgot it'd take so long or else i probably wouldn't have sent leaves......(i heard dland mailboxes take forever to process)

and i love the fabric! write about florida :)