Florida Day 4: Naples, Gators and an Almost Murder

Day 4-Tuesday 10/12

Ever since arriving in Florida, I had been searching for alligators everywhere we went. Tuesday was cooler than the past few days so we weren't sure if we were going to spot any, but we saw at least five during our air boat ride. There's something exhilarating about having nothing but a boat in between you and a killer animal. 

Gators are big tourist attractions and so there were many different places offering air boat rides. The place we went to had a shack of an office. Their parking lot was full of fire ants and they were eating us alive. 

To my terror, I had to go to the bathroom really badly and all that they had was a port-a-potty. It was a terrible experience, and I almost threw up while I was in that horrible confined space. Nana laughed at me when she saw me taking a picture of it because she knew that it was going to turn up on my blog. (Click to enlarge)

The air boat sped through the water really quickly. I think our captain went directly into the tall grass on purpose to give us an extra thrill. That just resulted us in being splattered by bugs and water. 

The captain stopped whenever he spotted a gator. He would then throw leaves into the water, causing the gators to come closer and check on the disturbance. My hair was absolutely out of control as you can see in one of the pictures below. The views were quite spectacular, too.

At one point, we were sandwiched by two alligators and I was very thankful to be in a sturdy boat. I kept thinking about how The Hubby once walked across similar swamps during Ranger School. I asked him if he preferred the ice water during the winter time or the warmer weather with the gators. He quickly answered that he preferred the freezing temperatures.

I took a lot of pictures during our tour. My favorite is the one with Pop making a funny face behind us. One man who sat behind Nana insisted on splashing the water with his hands and even pet one of the gators not once, but twice! It could have been a very traumatizing event for all of us.

Watch the video before to see the stupid man and his crazy antics.

Then it was time to hold a real live gator. Nana and The Hubby's little brother held a three month old gator back in July so I felt that I could too. But then the captain talked about how the eight week old gators were nasty and bit him to the point where he had trouble pulling them off his finger. No, thank you!

Of course, The Hubby grabbed it quickly and look how happy he was. Typical boy. I compromised and decided to just stroke it with my finger. My heart began to calm down and I felt brave enough to grab it. I was fairly proud of myself for the first fifteen seconds until it snapped its head back at me and I screamed. I felt my hands squeeze and I am certain that I was close to snapping its little neck.

After that little adventure, we went to Naples Pier and saw yet another beautiful beach. There were many people fishing off of the pier on a Tuesday afternoon. Oh, what a life! Fishers would throw their catch right on the pier and kick it to the side and keep on fishing for dinner.

The neighborhood was full of even more mansions. I'm told that Naples is the Beverly Hills of that area. We had some expensive cupcakes from a hidden place called Sassy Cakes. I've never been a fan of buying overpriced cupcakes since I know I am capable of baking them myself. Wouldn't it be wonderful to own a cupcakery?

Up next: Mulan, Nemo, and how I almost lost my breakfast

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Spencer said…
oh wow i didnt even think of enlarging the pics and i was just starting to think 'man these pics are getting kinda small since she got all fancy with them' hahaha.

anyways that gator looks so cute, i want to hold it!