Florida Day 3: Edison, Ford and a Lizard Intruder

Day 3-Monday 10/11

On Monday morning, Nana and The Hubby went to the gym bright and early. I decided to go for a two-mile walk around the community. At one point, I decided that I could run a bit. It felt amazing! Birds were chirping, people rolled around in their golf carts, and the sun was shining brightly. For the first minute or so that is. Then my body gave out on me and screamed bloody murder. I passed by some old men walking and one yelled, "Hey! No speeding!"

A small lizard had scurried in the house and hid in Pop's office. The following picture is of The Hubby and Nana trying to get it out from under the desk. It was quite a sight. 

Later, we went to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. Did you know that these two were best pals and next door neighbors? Their vacation homes were waterfront properties right on the Caloosahatchee River. (As always, click to enlarge)

We took a guided tour around the properties and were able to peek into the beautiful homes.

My favorite parts of The Estates were the gardens. They were so gorgeous. I wish we could have just sat by the river for most of the day. 

There were numerous picture opportunities there and we sure took many!

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P.S. Is it bad that the only reason I really need The Hubby to call me tonight is so I can ask:
-Should I take care of the hornet's nest that is multiplying exponentially in our backyard or wait for him?
-Where the heck is the spider poison because I've already seen three today and it's time to reinforce our barriers. Air freshener just isn't cutting it.
-A humongous spider decided to crawl upwards towards the hornet's nest when I approached it. Is it possible that the two beasts will take care of each other, rendering the above questions useless?

Texas creatures are trying to make my life miserable.

Edit: They're actually yellow jackets. Not sure why I had the word "hornets" in my mind.

Up next: Naples, Gators and an Almost Murder


Shirley said…
So with bees/hornets you have to completely kill all of them because if you kill only some their friends somehow "know" and will come after you. True story. So just keep that in mind if you decide to take care of it yourself. Be careful.
Spencer said…
hahaha it felt amazing!....for a minute and a half