Explanation of Claw Marks

It took a very very long time before Bella was willing to jump into the pool on her own. Her first pool experience was not a good one. I pushed her in and she literally sunk all the way to the bottom. It took her a long enough time to resurface for me to start panicking. It's no wonder she was hesitant to give into her Labby nature and love water.

But I eventually lured her in. Bella's love for me is much greater than her fear of water. I love her giant belly flops. She always insists on taking great leaps into the water instead of a graceful dive.

I don't know if she appreciated being tied around the waist by a noodle, but she was a good sport.

The noodle didn't last for long because soon after she started gnawing at it.

I was always so worried that she would jump on top of me. She has great reach!

Look at her good form!

This is my sister's favorite picture. Such an unappealing picture. Just keepin' it real, folks!

She got really brave and started to jump from the ground instead of the steps.

I was getting really scared of her because she was swimming too fast at me and scratching me up. I started to splash water at her face to slow her down, but it really didn't work. I'm not sure why she insisted to do this instead of swim by my side or on her own.

As you can see from the following video, she started to chase me in the water. I am a terrible swimmer so she was always catching up to me. I would come out of the pool with the most horrible claw marks on my body.

Debbie had an easier time swimming with Bella. The pool float worked as a shield for a little bit, until Bella realized that she could climb her way on top of the float and cross over.

Bella's ready to jump again!

Bella had trouble with corners even back then. I have heard before that Labs love swimming so much that they'll continue even if they're tired. I really wanted to get her a life vest, but I guess that will never be necessary now.

We saw an Air Dog show back in Georgia. Owners would throw toys off a dock and the dog would make a giant leap.

Think Bella could ever be an Ultimate Air Dog?


Spencer said…
dang saying "go get it" actually works??
Anonymous said…
Hey Min-
I didn't watch Conan, unfortunately but I did watch Talladega nights for the first time a couple nights ago and he plays the exact same character in that movie as well. Hmm....

I am enjoying Bella week on your blog, btw! We are crazy and bought one of those $15 dollar food dispensing toys but I like your idea much better.