Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

One of the boutique hotels on SoCo hosted a free Friday Night Lights finale screening in their parking lot as part of the ATX Television Festival on Saturday evening. FNL is one of my absolute favorite television shows and I was excited for the opportunity to meet some of the cast and crew.

We arrived early and realized that we were ill prepared for the event. The two of us hurried to CVS to purchase a couple of lawn chairs and snacks. The Hubby dropped me off to find spots while he went to park the car. I planted us right in the front row of those with chairs and behind all the people who only had blankets so we had an unobstructed view. 

They generously handed out gourmet popcorn along with free Blue Bell ice cream. I even snuck a taste of the ice cream because it was so ridiculously hot. Beer was also sold at a really reasonable price. This satisfied us for a little bit while we waited for hours for the screening to begin.

One of our favorite places to eat was only a few feet away so we grabbed some delicious sandwiches. All sandwiches from Hey! You Gonna Eat or What? are $9 or under and are made fresh and served with a side of homemade fries and a cold drink. The owners are also ridiculously kind, despite the scary slogans on the van.

The stars of the show started trickling in and walked amongst the crowd. Everyone seemed to be remarkably friendly and didn't mind being surrounded by fans. The Hubby and I waited in line so I could take a picture with Scott Porter (Jason Street) and Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard). The couple in line in front of us asked me to take a picture for them, which I was happy to do, until they spent literally five minutes hogging their time. I think the picture I took of them came out really blurry. I swear I did that on accident!

I felt like I had tons to say to them like how I hope Scott's character on Hart of Dixie ends up with Zoe or how I was really upset with Michael left the show Parenthood. But I didn't want to be like the rude couple in front of us so I just shook their hands, posed for a quick picture and left. Jesse Plemons was also there. He stood in line to purchase his own beer, but I don't think he even had the time to drink it because he was swarmed immediately.

They projected the finale episode on a giant inflatable screen. It was so wonderful watching it with fellow fans.

We love this town!


Debbie said…
Super jealous! I didn't know some of the cast was going to be there. Jason Street is shorter than I expected?
Spencer said…
ive never heard of anyone named michael jordan except ... michael jordan. i wonder if he gets this a lot
Min said…
@Spencer: I've never seen that commercial before. Haha! I guess that's why he has to use his middle initial.