A UPS package came to our door a few weeks ago and The Hubby shouted at me not to touch it. He ran into my craft room, shut the door, and spent the next half hour wrapping my present. The Hubby then placed the pretty boxes inside his closet. Last Friday, I found them on the coffee table along with a meaningful card and a bag of my favorite gummy bears.

Later I found out that he went to three different florists looking for peonies, but they were nowhere to be found. Gummy bears are just as wonderful in my opinion.

The Hubby gifted me a gorgeous Nikon DSLR camera along with an extra lens, padded camera bag, and a bunch of other accessories. I have lots of studying to do!

I've been taking photos of random things, such as these gold plated bow studs I bought for half off as a treat for myself for finally quitting my job.

And a picture to show off some new coasters I made for our coffee table. FYI, The Hubby is crazy about coasters in case you ever come to visit. 

But, of course, Bella has been my star model. Finally, her big brown eyes are captured nicely.

I'm really excited to develop my photography skills, although I'm already really impressed by how great my new camera does simply on its automatic function. 

Thanks, Hubby! I'm such a lucky girl.