Furry Friday

My sister sent me this video of her new puppy, Riley. She had mentioned before that Riley demands belly rubs, which I found to be such a ridiculous statement. I think the video proves that Riley truly does demand scratches on her tummy.

Heck, if I spent who knows how long in a shelter and can finally get some loving whenever I want it, I would milk my cuteness for all it's worth, too.

Looks like we have another ridiculous dog in the family.


Riley is so adorable! She is a great size. One of the little dogs we fostered used to do the same thing--she would roll onto her back every time we even glanced in her direction.

Even though it's cute at first, I found it got a bit tiresome. Also, I think this habit can make a dog overly submissive--and it can become a demand for attention. Personally, I would encourage your sister to teach Riley to do something else for attention, like "sit" or "down". She can reward Riley with attention and even a belly rub after she has held those positions, which are more self-esteem building for the dog.

But this is just my opinion. Maybe your sister likes this behavior, in which case you should just ignore this comment!!
Min said…
Mimi, We're trying to teach Riley how to sit right now and ignore her when she collapses on the ground for attention. It's hard though because she's so darn cute! Thanks for the training tips!
Debbie said…
Hi, Mimi! I agree with you completely. At first, we indulged her because 1) it's ridiculously cute, 2) she had kennel cough and didn't feel so good, and 3) she is a rescue and we thought some babying was due.

It got old. Really fast, might I add. We now only belly rub her when she's truly behaving or when we can't resist her whoring ways. We're also trying to teach her that the humans are the alphas by ignoring her for a few minutes every time we enter the room. So far, she's just been throwing herself in our paths to get attention, but we're making strides, I think.

Thanks for the advice, and I'm glad Cabana no longer has itchy, pathetic pink paws :)
Hi Debbie and Min! Oh good, it makes me happy to hear that. Riley got lucky, getting adopted into your family!

Yes, no more pathetic pink paws for Cabana. P.S. My daughter calls Cabana a "slut" because she's got her own "whoring ways" when she's around handsome male dogs.