New Member of the Pack

No, this sweet puppy is not ours. She's my new niece! My sister has been wanting to adopt a fur baby for quite some time now and she finally found the perfect one for her on Sunday. 

One-year old Ms. Riley was rescued from the shelter and apparently is the most obedient untrained dog ever. She already knows how to heel, doesn't make a peep, doesn't mind the crate, and understands when someone tells her, "No."

I can't wait to meet her, and I'm sure Bella will get along with her new cousin just splendidly.

I think we're all obsessed with her scruffy Muppet face.

Congrats on your new daughter, Sister and Boyfriend!


Shirley said…
Oh my gosh she's soooooo cute!
She really is a muppet! Adorable!! Kudos to your sister for getting a shelter dog. I want a Riley dog, too!! Are there any siblings?!?