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I drove to Ulta (which is basically a really lame Sephora) yesterday to pick up a couple of items and didn't walk into the Target right next door. I avoided going into Target, people! That's a major accomplishment!

I'm trying to get my bad spending habits in check. But...but... I really need some colorful nail polish, a floppy hat when we go tubing, another summer dress, and pistachio pants!

The nurse at the doctor's office complimented me on my dress and asked me where I purchased it from. When I told her I bought it at Target she replied, "Target? My friend keeps telling me about Target. I need to go over there one day."

I just about died. You mean there are people out there who have never been to Target?! That's just absurd.

I can't be the only one with this problem, can I?
Source: via Min on Pinterest


Spencer said…
i swear by the end of this post the word target started sounding really weird in my head
Min said…
Bowl. Bowl. Bowl. Bowl.