A Pink Skirt

I made this elastic circle skirt yesterday morning following a tutorial from Cotton & Curls and just added a bow sash on my own. I basically pinned everything from her blog after discovering it recently It's made out of dreamy pink rayon fabric and is wonderfully flowy and at a modest length. I have difficulty finding skirts and dresses that aren't too short so I'm glad I finally have something I can wear without fear (although The Hubby claims that the back of this skirt flew completely up while I was walking outdoors today).

It took me just about four hours and there was a lot of pin pricking involved, but I am really happy with the result. I'm sure I can get it down to two hours next time. Because the skirt is gathered, there is a lot of fabric to hem and I hate sewing with elastic. Although I hate shopping at Walmart, their fabric prices are unbelievably reasonable and especially irresistible when the next nearest fabric shop is forty minutes away. The total fabric cost of this skirt was about $7.

Now that I've finally made a successful article of clothing (my last skirt was a complete disaster), I am inspired to add more homemade items to my wardrobe. And to think that two yards of fabric and some thread could turn into something so cute!

I also learned yesterday that I am an awful model and The Hubby is the worst photographer. I promise that if I blog about a new skirt in the future the picture will be less blurry and I'll be less awkward. Well, at least the less blurry part will be true.