Shiloh's Baby Daddy

Shiloh's baby daddy came to stay with us on Friday. We thought Shiloh was huge, but Shiner is ginormous in comparison. He makes Shiloh seem like a little puppy. Shiner is so large that I was a little scared of him at first just because of his massive size. He's such a sweetheart though.

If you can remember how large Shiloh is compared to Bella, you can see just how big Shiner is. I tried to get a good shot of Bella and Shiner together so you could see the difference in size, but anytime Bella came near Shiner, Shiloh would come in between them. She's obsessed with him.

Bella is really terrible with larger dogs and tends to get defensive. She growled at him immediately and we had to pull her away from Shiner. Luckily, Shiner didn't mind it at all. Eventually, Bella grew really curious and just wanted to play with him.

Shiner has some really great tricks up his sleeve. He knows how to speak and "whisper."

His most impressive trick is being able to balance food on his nose.

We had all the dogs on the bed at one point and I was scared of the bed collapsing from over 200 pounds of dog. Thankfully, they didn't stay up there for long.

I can't tell you how much fur we picked up after they left. American bulldogs shed a ridiculous amount for having such short fur. We had to deep clean the house after all the dogs left. Even though both Shiner and Shiloh are really well behaved (although Shiloh took a huge horse dump in our bedroom) I think we're going to be happy to just have Bella for awhile. 


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