Puppy Love

Meet the new member of the family!
Just kidding! This is Penny. Her humans are going to watch Bella for a week when we are in Florida. I thought it would be a good idea for them to get to know each other so yesterday Penny's mom dropped her off before she headed to school and her dad picked her up after work.  

Bella really liked to smell Penny all over. I like how Bella stepped back every now and then and how Penny just froze there. 

Penny is nine months old and moved around really quickly around the house so most of the pictures I took of her look like this.
Penny grabbed one of Bella's toys and tried to play a game of keep away. Bella is far too old to keep up with Penny so the game basically consisted of Penny running circles around Bella. Also, I have concluded that Bella is just a strange dog who doesn't know how to walk properly because Penny had no problems on our wood floors. 
We took the fun and games outdoors. Finally, Bella could run and keep up. 

 At one point, Penny actually jumped over Bella.
And then we went indoors and enjoyed the cool air conditioned living room. The girls were tired.
Penny's parents taught her how to fetch--something Bella is incapable of doing. In this video, I captured Bella doing what she does best: scratching and watching.
 We did have a little accident. Penny ripped off an ear from one of Bella's toys and was about to tear off the snout until I sewed it back together. 
I had to make a screeching sound in order to get this picture.
I was dying from an overdose of cuteness.

What do you think, Penny? Did you have fun today?

I want a puppy...


Rebecca said…
i thought 2 females weren't supposed to get along..

and also, you should've got the screeching sound on video
Spencer said…
i second the request for the screeching sound. and that does not count as a puppy anymore lol
Tiffany said…