Big Dog Equals Big Puddles

Bella peed inside the house AGAIN. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up to the sound of urine hitting the carpet. It's gotten to the point that when I hear dripping water I fear that it is the sound of Bella peeing inside the house. 

I attached a bell on the back door's doorknob in hopes that she'll hit it with her nose when she needs to go outside. This sounds completely absurd, but she once trained herself to do so in our old home in California. She would walk over to the door, deliberately hit the bell with her nose, and then sit there and wait for me to let her outside. It was a wonderful trick and quite impressive. But this, along with my extensive collection of Disney music, was lost in the move.

Bella is four years old now, and this behavior is really unacceptable. She pees whenever and wherever she wants instead of alerting someone to let her out. The only time she makes any effort to let us know she wants something is when she's hungry, which is just about every hour.

Anyone have any tips on what I can do to correct this behavior? Bella will go to the back door if she wants to go out, but that only works when I am in the living room or kitchen. If I am in my craft room or bedroom, I have no idea that she is waiting for me.

She's currently in time out in the backyard, although that just means that she's standing at the door barking and demanding to be let inside.

I don't like the feeling of warm urine under my hands. Please help!


chris chang said…
diapers? maybe its spank?
Min said…
Spanking doesn't work!
Hannah said…
Have you tried crate training her? It also helps if you set up a strict schedule for potty breaks. Take her outside at multiple intervals throughout the day and give her a command to go potty. Once she does, reward her with praise and treats. Then slowly stretch out the time between breaks. I was doing 5 walks a day when Lizzie first moved into the apartment. Then 4. And now 3. When it's raining, I can get away with just 2 walks. Also try catching Bella in the act of peeing and yell your head off at her. Unless you scold a dog as they're doing something bad or IMMEDIATELY after, they won't know to correct that specific behavior. I kept an eagle eye on Liz and even if she so much as looked like she was squatting, I was all over her. Oh and make sure to use pet carpet cleaners to get rid of any smell of urine. Dogs will keep peeing in areas that have that smell, since they'll interpret that to mean that this is a peeing zone. If all else fails, call Cesar Milan.