*Long, drawn out diet entry ahead! You have been warned!

It's no surprise to you when I say that I love to eat. Fifty percent of my blog is Bella. Forty-five percent is food related. The other five percent is on crafts, The Hubby, complaints about Texas, and other miscellaneous tidbits of my dull life. 

So it should also be no surprise to you that I no longer count my daily calorie intake. It was making me miserable and I was hungry all the time. My stomach should never be growling if I have food in the house and I should not equate food with guilt. After over two months of recording every single piece of food that entered my mouth and exercising almost daily, I did not see any changes on the bathroom scale. 

My weight has been consistent, swaying around 120, no matter how much I will it to go lower. I've grown to accept that 120 is the weight that is perfect for my body, and I should be happy that this number is smaller than that of my our wedding day. But my hard work has not been a waste of time as all of this effort has greatly increased my endurance level, strengthened my body, and toned up a lot of areas that needed to be less flabby. 

I can finally do proper pushups without collapsing on the floor. In fact, I'm so proud of this feat that I randomly drop down and do some every few hours out of boredom. I have even worked my way up to the final level of my 30 Day Shred DVD, something that seemed impossible when I first started. 

And I have to tell you that this decision to eat what I want and the acceptance of 120 has made me a much happier person. 

I think my calorie counting days were absolutely necessary to where I am today. I may not stick to a daily caloric budget, but I have developed cravings for healthy snacks and I have a better understanding of foods that fill me up in the long run, rather than give me a few seconds of tasty bliss.

I have certain foods that I must eat every day in order to be satisfied, and I'm sharing with you because I think you should give them a try, too. Quakers Chocolate Crunch rice cakes are 60 calories each and have 10g of whole grains per serving. Each cake is the perfect balance of sweet and salty and there are even little bits of chocolate pieces embedded in each cake. They're so good, in fact, that I can't just stop at one. 

I start off each morning with a large serving of Egg Beaters egg whites. I lightly pepper my eggs and drizzle them with ketchup. Lots of protein, very few calories, and no cholesterol. I pair off my eggs with a cup of dark chocolate almond milk from Silk. Holy cow almond is it delicious! I buy it at Target for a little less than $3 per half gallon. I savor every single sip and I also find it to be extremely filling.

The picture above is from a shopping trip a few weeks back. I was really surprised at myself for my healthy choices. This was a smaller grocery run. Typically, you will also find fat free fruit snacks, frozen Lean Cuisine meals, and frozen veggies in my cart, too. These items (sans the fake cheese) have become staples in my house. 

I eat an apple a day. I'm completely addicted to apples. Why are there so many types of apples? So far, I've conducted a very scientific taste test and have decided that the Fuji apple is supreme (over red delicious, golden delicious, granny smith, honeycomb, roma).  

I would not recommend this fake brand of fake cheese. It was an impulse buy, and the "cheese" smells like feet. It does melt quite nicely, but the Daiya vegan cheese brand is much better. 

The Hubby is coming home a few months earlier than we had expected for his R&R, and I'm still not at the point that I wanted to be in so I hope I can rev up my workouts and stop eating five cookies at a time. 

I have another diet related post in mind that I need to get out and get some opinions on. I'll save it for another day.


Spencer said…
i love this entry! its not how much you weigh, its about being fit :)