Quivering Ovaries Again

People around me need to stop having babies. Seriously. Because shopping for baby gifts is driving me absolutely crazy and it makes me want one now. And everyone seems to be popping out little girls, opening up a vast merchandise selection that is so wonderfully pink and adorable. 

I was invited to my first baby shower, and although I don't know this woman that well, I can see us being great friends in the future. I at first wanted to take this chance to sew something, but fabric is so expensive that I ended up deciding to buy something pre-made instead. 

I picked up this three-pack of bodysuits by Carter's. Eeee! So cute! I will tell you that it took me over half an hour to finally decide on my purchase because I had so many options to choose from. 

I put a lot of heart into every present, and my favorite part of it all is of course the gift-wrapping. I rolled up each of them neatly and placed them in an empty See's Candies chocolate box lined with tissue paper. I hope that she finds the baby clothes as a welcome alternative to chocolate, although I would take See's Candies any day.

And then I wrapped the box with this gorgeous paper. Can you believe I found this wrapping paper from The Dollar Tree? What a wonderful find! I added some girly ribbon that my sister gifted me when she visited last month.

I topped the entire thing with a handmade tissue paper flower and used hot glue to attach it. You can find a tutorial on how to make these flowers here.

It seems like a lot of people are getting married now. I guess I'm at the age where these kinds of things happen. So who's next to have a baby? Not me!

*You can see how I packaged another baby gift here.


Kenny said…
My little sister has that same wrapping paper. Also hi, it's Kenny. I occasionally read your blog. Hope that's not weird.
Min said…
@Kenny: No stranger than you getting me an awesome Christmas gift that you knew I would like based on something I blogged about.