Happiest Place is Not Here

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I'm in real need of a Disney kick, especially since two of my friends are always there. You know who you are. I miss riding Matterhorn with my eyes closed and thinking that I was going to die. I miss screaming at the top of my lungs while dropping down a haunted elevator, and then literally clapping my hands and yelling for more. But mostly I miss the spirit of Disneyland and how you can't help but be happy when you step through those gates.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my numerous trips to Disneyland
Finally meeting Mulan at Disney World
Engagement celebration with two of my bridesmaids at Downtown Disney

21st Birthday at Downtown Disney

Riding Tower of Terror on my own because my nameless wimpy friend wouldn't go on with me

Nameless wimpy friend photo bombs Buzz Lightyear and some kids

Kicking nameless wimpy friend's butt after he told me that he didn't see me as competition

Consistently losing to The Hubby, probably because my face looks like that

The Hubby filled out my Autopia license. He's lucky I didn't get upset over what he guessed my weight was.

Oh, so young with not a trouble in the world

Disneyland with his family. The empty seat by me is actually where The Hubby's little cousin sat. She ended up crying.

Grrizly Rapids

Matterhorn love

Clinging on during Splash Mountain


chris chang said…
have you ever thought about maybe moving back to CA and applying to be fa-MULAN? hahahah
Min said…
@Chris: Um, only about every other day!