Sorry, Green Girl

The Schmidt household suffered a loss this week. 

I had to throw away The Hubby's Green Girl after it was torn to pieces by Bella a few weeks ago and then thrown up on. I had meant to try to patch up the torn corners myself, but I never did. So when Bella upchucked her entire dinner on it the other night, I could not throw it in the wash like I normally do under similar circumstances. 

As you can see (and I'm sorry that you can), Bella does not chew her food when she eats. She swallows her kibble whole as evidenced by the following picture.

This green comforter was used all four years of The Hubby's time as a cadet at West Point, and it kept him warm during many New York winter nights. It then lived on to become a picnic blanket during an outdoor performance of "Annie" in Austin, and later on as the tortilla to a winter Bella Burrito.

You've done well, Green Girl. We will miss you. Sorry you never got a chance to meet Future Kiddo.

A Negligent Married Minzilla