Calm and Assertive

Cesar Millan came for a meet and greet at the Fort Hood PX this afternoon. I texted a few friends last minute to see if they wanted to come with me and I was so thankful that they agreed because it made the wait seem so much shorter. 

I wanted to send in a video to get help for Bella because she has several issues, but it was too much trouble. And, honestly, did I really want a tiny man telling me that it is all my fault? He really is tiny, too. I had to crouch down really low to get in my picture with him.

There was a huge crowd of Dog Whisperer fans there and a few brought their dogs with them. Well-behaved dogs were allowed in the store so Bella was definitely left back at home.

A dog in front of us took a big dump and a few women nearby were entirely freaked out by it even though a store employee cleaned the mess up right away. One woman absolutely overreacted and went to grab a sample perfume bottle to spray in the area! Thankfully, her friend stopped her before she actually began squirting away.

The store had set up different display areas with his books and pet supplies and they sold quickly.

And then it was finally my turn to meet Cesar. The experience was completely different than what I had imagined in my head. I brought a picture of The Hubby and Bella and I wanted to ask him to write, "Your wife is always the pack leader" as I thought it would have gotten a big laugh. But I was completely rushed by the people running the meet and greet.

I handed someone the photograph I wanted him to sign and someone else my camera. I walked over to Cesar and he didn't even glance up at me. I said a quick, "Hi!" and he looked up for a millisecond to respond. Then we both glanced up to take a picture and I was ushered away. This explains why my nose is flared and my body is in such an awkward position.

I'm so glad that I didn't bother to buy a book for him to sign. I understand that he had a hundred more people behind me to meet, but really I think he could have at least said a simple "Hello." He really only smiled when a photograph was about to be taken.

Also, how ridiculous is it that he is dressed in a pair of ACUs? I know that it was just a huge publicity stunt, but they really didn't need to give him any patches to wear. How is Cesar Millan given a higher rank than my husband and, also, a deployment patch is something that is earned. I felt it was slightly disrespectful.

They also had someone in a giant inflatable dog suit walking around the store and it ran into the Easter Bunny. I think the picture below is the strangest picture I have ever posted on my blog.

Cesar took a little bathroom break mid-way and passed by us. He was not smiling at all and looked pissed off. I'm sure book signings are incredibly stressful, but he really could have attempted to be a bit more friendly. I guess it doesn't help that crazy women like me snap away with their cameras every few minutes.

Oh, Cesar. You may be good with dogs, but you're awful with people. 

And here is the picture I had him sign for The Hubby.

Although I had a poor experience with The Dog Whisperer, I had a wonderful time talking with the women I was with and getting out of the house.


Mimi said…
Interesting post and experience!! I would have felt the same way as you. You wait all that time, you'd think it wouldn't take much more time for him to show a bit of warmth. Even though I feel I have learned some good things from his show and books, it's true that he's not really a people person. But fame corrupts even the best of people--although I wouldn't mind getting at least a little corrupted! Ha ha!
hannahblog said…
Cesar Millan's methods with dogs has been pretty widely discredited within the dog training world. I think this article does a really good job of explaining why his methods are way off track:

So maybe he was pissed and unpleasant because of his declining popularity/respect!