Poopy Diapers

I attended my first baby shower this afternoon for a lovely Army wife who is due mid-June. I had a wonderful time while eating my weight in chicken, crackers, and cake. We played several games and I won two! 

The first game was an easy one where each guest had to grab a diaper out of a large bag and the person who picked the poopy diaper won a prize.

I opened up this diaper and found this lovely surprise inside. I was assured that it was just spread Nutella, which I usually find absolutely delicious, but in this case I wanted to gag. This sight completely turns me off from having children anytime in the near future.

 I was gifted with some great smelling Bath & Body Works goodies and each guest also was given a little box of chocolates.

I also won a trivia game about the guest of honor, which was incredibly surprising since I've only spoken to her twice and there were people at the shower who have known her for much longer. Out of 25 questions, I was able to answer 11 correctly. I suppose I'm a good guesser or maybe I've just learned a lot from Facebook stalking. I actually tied another woman with the same amount of correct answers so I forfeited my chance of winning by letting her win a prize, too.

She seemed to like my gift packaging and was surprised that I had made the tissue flower on my own. I think she liked the little bodysuit set I had chosen for her baby girl, but she seemed more excited when she thought that it was a box of See's Chocolates instead of more clothes. I don't blame her!

There were plenty of babies, toddlers, and children running around the house. I think the fact that I was more interested in petting her black Labrador is a sign that I am not quite ready for children yet... although I definitely did my fair share of swooning over all the tiny socks, frilly dresses, and colorful pacifiers as she was opening up all of her gifts.