Hot Dogs

The Purina Incredible Dogs Team came to Fort Hood on Tuesday for three short demonstrations throughout the day in front of the main PX. I wasn't going to go watch because I didn't want to be out there on my own under the sweltering sun, but I am so glad that I made the trip out there. The energetic dogs were absolutely amazing and you could just see how much fun they were having. 

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Bella has never been that energetic of a dog. The only exceptions of this is when she is about to be fed, after a meal, after a good poopy, when I leave the house, and when I return home. I once bought her a frisbee and I had great dreams of playing fetch with her, but she barely glanced at the foreign disc when I threw it. 

A Shepherd mix named Hammer was spectacular. She could catch up to five frisbees in a row with multiple frisbees in her mouth at one time.

Purina representatives handed out free toys, treats, and a variety of other goodies to the crowd. There's something about the aspect of free things that drives people a little crazy. Everyone turned greedy and began to grab as many possible things as they could. And if they somehow did not get one of the free items, they would complain as if this was some great wrongdoing. 

One woman literally ran my foot over with a stroller in order to get a cell phone holder after she had already asked for two of everything else. I was extremely satisfied with the stash that I ran out with. I'm going to give the treats to Penny's mom when I next see her since Bella can't have any due to her allergies. Poor Bella doesn't know what she's missing!

I was able to get her to pose with all these items. Amazingly, she took more of an interest in the squishy hot dog toy than the bag of Beggin' Strips, which is so uncharacteristic of my pooch. My favorite item is the reusable and collapsible water bowl. I've been meaning to purchase one for years and now I have a free one!

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Did you notice Bella's new bed? After she peed on her last one, I went out and found her a nice one for $20 at Big Lots. She had the exact one back in California when we lived there. It's of pretty good quality, quite large, and the cover is machine washable. I think she purposely peed on her old bed just so that she could get an upgrade.

Bella absolutely loves her new toy. She hasn't had much of a chance to play with it because I only let her have it when Penny was in the backyard. When Penny sleeps over, I have to hide all the soft toy in fear of her ripping them apart.

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I honestly love dogs in an almost unhealthy obsessive way. The Hubby always teases me when we're in the car and there is a dog being walked and I turn my head all the way just to keep it in my line of sight for as long as possible. 

"Don't look at the dog!" he would say.
"What dog?!" I would reply excitedly. And then I would plant my face against the passenger window and stare. 

It is almost physically impossible for me to let a dog pass by me without giving it a good pat on the head or scratch behind the ear. I give Bella hugs throughout the day along with a kiss her on the forehead, and I find it to be incredibly calming. I also have a habit of saying, "Good night, Bella. I love you" every single night before I rest my head on my pillow. Seriously. 

Life without a canine companion is no life at all.

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Spencer said…
gifs! more gifs! :D
mayan said…
omg i'm the same way about dogs!

i was driving around with my sister one day, and i thought i saw a dog bouncing around in the backseat of the car in front of us, so i was like, "puppy!!!! let's go say hiiii" (just like that) and i pulled up next to the car and found a little girl bobbing her head with crazy ribbons in her hair instead! my sister just about DIED laughing, and she will never let me live that down =P

in case you didn't already know about these adorable pups:
Roundtable said…
OMG BELLA IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Dogs will forever be the best family member :D
Rebecca said…
^ i was also going to say, more gifs!!!!

and also, i want a puppy