5 A Day

Happiness is a fridge stocked with fresh salad, bananas, strawberries, apples, kiwis, mangoes, and a melon. Happiness is also fresh flowers that I purchased for myself for $4 that have lasted for over two weeks.

I ran out of healthy snacks over the weekend and because the grocery stores are too crowded on weekends and closed on Mondays, I ended up surviving on fruit snacks, cookies, and whole wheat crackers dipped in Nutella. I need to make a cheat sheet to bring with me on grocery trips because I never know how to pick the right fruit. Do I sniff it, tap at it, squeeze it?

Have I mentioned my new obsession with apples? I crave them and savor each juicy crunch. The Hubby would share his apple with Bella and I started doing the same. But since I love apples so much, I rarely share anymore. 

Bella stares at me when she realizes that I am munching away at an apple. She doesn't beg, but instead she patiently waits and hopes that I toss some in her direction.

And when she sees that I'm not in a generous mood, she looks utterly pathetic.

One afternoon out of boredom, I began tossing an apple in the air. And since my hand-eye coordination is subpar, I dropped it on the ground and it rolled right to Bella.

make a gif

She grabbed it and began gnawing away. Boy, was she happy! I let her eat most of it, but took it away before she could get to the seeds which are poisonous to dogs.

No MilkBones or biscuits for this family! We're going the healthy route.

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Rebecca said…
i've been feeling the same way about apples lately. i eat at least one every day :)