Eat My Heart Out

Food I want when I visit home:

In N Out. Double Double Cheeseburger. At least three times.
Banana Bay. Pineapple Fried Rice. Pad See Ew. Chicken Satay.
Molca Salsa. Carne Asada Burrito. Carne Asada Fries.
Sakura of Tokyo. 8 piece California Rolls w/ Beef Terriyaki.
Guppy House. Boba Red Milk Tea w/ Hazelnut. Butter Coconut Brick Toast. All 1,000 + Cals of it.
Donut Man. Strawberry Donut. Bear Claw. Two each.
Violet's Cupcakes. Twix Cupcake.
Earthen Restaurant. Zha Jiang Mian.
Taiwanese Deli. Fried Rice. Fried Fish Cakes. Chicken Egg Rolls.
New Capital. Dim Sum.
Grandma's cooking. All of it.
Korean BBQ.
That Hawaiian place near my family's house.

I don't plan on eating any salads or carrots. Fruit is questionable, too.

Thank goodness The Hubby is coming home for his R&R before this eating spree and that the next time I see him will be next year so I have plenty of time to work it back off.

I exercise so that I can eat more. Don't you?

I won't have a car so someone will have to be my chauffeur. I'll take a bus if it means I can get some legit shrimp dumplings, yo!


Rebecca said…
lol cheeseburger

i have been craving almost all of these things, esp donut man-- i volunteer to be one of your chauffeurs :P
Shirley said…
I wonder if we could possibly work a way to have you drive my car. I will not be home so the car will just sit there.