Caveman Treats: Primal Peach and Apple Blueberry Bars

The following two "cookies" were the ones that I thought looked like they came out of a horse's arse in my first entry on Paleo baking. But I think their final appearance was a little better since I made them into bars instead of round poop discs. 

I never did find unsweetened shredded coconut so I changed the recipes slightly. I also used slivered almonds instead of whole almonds because the idea of putting whole almonds in my food processor seemed a little frightening, although I think it would be okay.

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Apple Blueberry Bars

The primal peach bars were pretty sturdy, but the apple blueberry bars were messier and crumbly. They both tasted pretty great, but I really love almonds so that might be the reason why I am such a fan. The apple blueberry bars smelled like apple pie coming out of the oven. I think I will add some extra cinnamon next time.


Spencer said…
i dont usually check out your crafts or cooking posts but this looks really good :P
Hailey said…
Whoa, definitely trying these! Looks delicious. I may be bad and introduce chocolate chips and coconut into mine though :)