Febreeze, Please!

After I hopped out of the shower today, I noticed that Bella was licking a spot on the carpet of our bedroom. This was a sure sign that she threw up and ate every bit of it to get rid of the evidence. Yuck.

And then she threw up again. Typically, when she throws up it doesn't smell like anything and it is fairly solid. I have always been thankful for this. But this time it was a huge 10 inch wide puddle of vomit that had very low viscosity and smelled incredibly rancid.

I was extremely close to vomiting myself when I caught a whiff of it. I'm not usually this much of a wimp when it comes to bodily fluids that come out of my daughter, but this was awful. 

I was close to running to grab my camera to show you, but NO ONE else needed to see this. All I know is that The Hubby would have thrown up himself for sure.

It's been seven hours since the incident. Bella and owner are both doing fine now, but the bedroom still reeks. I may end up sleeping in the guest room tonight. Why can't Bella ever throw up on the tile floor? 

I wonder how I will do with Future Kiddo if he/she ever gets sick.