More Clearance Finds

Back in February, I scored some major deals with Valentine's Day items that were 75% off at Target. I couldn't wait for the Easter items to be marked down because everything was so colorful and adorable. The day after Easter, I headed to our local Target and scoped out what I would get when everything went on further clearance. I really wanted to add a cookie jar and a candy dish in the shape of a bunny to my collection of seasonal decorations.

But I completely missed the 75% off sale and when I went back everything was already at 90% off! Everything was basically cleared out and I had to dig deep to find the good stuff. I missed out on what I really wanted, but I was able to grab several things for outrageous prices. 

Felt basket: $0.40, Cloth basket: $0.60, Egg decorating kit: $0.09, Candy dish: $0.59, Cards: $2.99, Turner: $0.39, Table runner: $0.99, Egg shaped place mats: $0.29
I especially love the table runner I got for $0.99 because it isn't Easter specific so I can keep it out until the summer. I used it for the Make Your Own Pizza Party I had on Sunday, which I will write about soon. The turner for $0.39 is perfect for lifting cookies, by the way.

The pack of cards in the shape of an Easter egg apparently was not on sale so I will be returning it because I'm a cheapo.

I'm really excited for next year when The Hubby is home so that I can fill a basket for him and we can decorate some eggs together.