Caveman Treats: Blueberry Raisin Larabar

The Hubby's once loved Clif Bars no longer have a place in his diet because the ingredients are not Paleo friendly. I did find a brand of energy bars that uses no more than six ingredients called Larabar. I found many recipes online for Larabar knock-offs so I decided to make my own version with ingredients that I had in my pantry.

Blueberry Raisin Larabar

The Hubby absolutely loves both raisins and blueberries so I think he'll enjoy this combination. I tasted a bit of this mixture, and it was very good, although slightly too sweet. My husband laughs at me when I tell him that I think something is too sweet. "That's like saying something is too good. There's no such thing!"

I've actually never tasted a Larabar myself so I have no idea if my homemade version is any good in comparison. I'm sure that The Hubby will let me know soon!

I hope The Hubby gets all of his goodies soon. I mailed them out on Tuesday so his box should get there within the next seven days (hopefully).