Bella Fur

Bella's fur finds its way absolutely everywhere. There are parts of her in New York, California, Iraq, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida Texas, and who knows where else. Her fur migrates wherever we go. I have even found a strand of her fur stuck in-between my teeth one morning. Because of this, many of my clothing decisions are based on the fact that Bella has light colored fur.

So when I was going absolutely nuts in the adorableness that is Baby Gap, I couldn't help but think of Bella.

After swooning over this little bow hat and mitten set, I immediately thought, "Oh, no. I can't get this color. Bella's fur would be all over that."

And then I caught myself.


The Hubby keeps pushing our baby timeline back. I don't think I can make it seven more years, especially when I find myself dying a little bit every time I see tiny articles of clothing. We are in sooo much trouble.

Oh, Bella girl. Please make it seven more years because I want you to meet Future Kiddo.

If we have a boy in the future, he must have this cable knit one-piece. In french vanilla, of course. Bella's fur won't show up on that!

I have a feeling that I'm going to be a mom dressed in sweats with the most fashionable kid in town.


Shirley said…
I love this post! Absolutely hilarious!