Saturday Afternoon Projects

DIY suede bracelets made by winging it after failing at following this tutorial. What kind of 23 year old female doesn't know how to braid?

Materials for less than $5. No beer required. I just love the pretty green bottle.

Caramel stuffed apple cider cookies. Absolutely divine fall treat and a huge hit at the potluck tonight. Nuke for 20 seconds for out-of-oven chewy goodness. A definite keeper.

Christmas gifts for family wrapped and ready to be shipped. Wrapping gifts is my favorite thing about the holidays.

Kraft paper wrap from Dollar Tree
Bird cut out from Creature Comforts
Banners from Lisa Rupp
Red dot tape from Michael's two years ago

How was your Saturday?


I love your gift wrap! Doesn't get all smushy in the mail. I can't believe you already have your shopping, wrapping AND mailing done! And it's not even Thanksgiving. You are GOOD.
Joana said…
I like that bracelet! I would like to try this because bracelets from the store are always too big for my puny wrists. Did you actually super glue the ends of the suede or it looks like something is wrapped around them?
Min said…
@ Mimi: I still have some shopping to do, but most of it is done. I just couldn't wait to start wrapping!

@Joana: I'll probably share a tutorial later. I have the same problem with bracelets being too large!