12 by 2012 Update


Twelve things I want to accomplish by 2012 (an update):

1. Do some form of exercise every single day, rendering the use of Spanx unnecessary.
I'm a complete failure with this one. I did this for about a week and then told myself: "The Hubby hasn't seen many women since June. He'll be happy with whatever he gets."

2. Sew at least two articles of clothing.
Bought fabric for a skirt yesterday. Too bad it's not skirt weather!

3. Keep the house clean in case Ellen DeGeneres ever decides to surprise us with a trip to Hawaii.
Why is it that my house never remains clean for more than four hours?

4. Sleep before midnight on weekdays.
So far so good! I do love me some sleep.

5. Work at least three half days and two full days each week.
I've been working at the very least three full days each week.

6. Walk Bella daily.
Sorry, Bella. Your mama sucks.

8. Bake Poblano Cilantro Cornbread.
May change this goal to one of the many other recipes I would like to try, such as a 2 minute chocolate and salted caramel mug cake or artisan bread.

9. Go (mostly) Paleo for a week.
Waiting on the hubs for this one. I expect to be grouchy that week.

10. Be able to run for two miles without stopping.
Accomplished! I hit three miles back in October.

11. Make a yarn wreath for our door.
I'm thinking about making something like this instead.

12. Learn how to walk in heels.
Finally bought a pair of heels that I can walk on without looking like Bambi.

As you can see, I'm not going to accomplish all of my goals, but at least it's looking like I'll be able to do most of them!


Spencer said…
loled at #1. thats a good point