Run to Remember

Back in August, I set a goal for myself to be able to run a 5k without stopping to rest. It seemed very possible, especially since I hit the three miles mark last month. Unfortunately, running outdoors in about 45 degrees weather is much more difficult than running indoors on a treadmill in a controlled environment. I also completely forgot that there are inclines outdoors. Texas is a fairly flat state, but any upward slope nearly killed me.

Although I was not able to run the full 5k, I did run the majority of it. I am very proud of myself for trying something new and pushing past my limits. I know that a 5K really doesn't seem like much, but it was truly a challenge for me.

While approaching the finish line, strangers were cheering for us on the sidelines, shouting encouraging phrases like "Finish strong!" and "You got it ladies!" I felt a sudden jolt of energy and sprinted to the end and it felt amazing. The running community is so supportive of one another and the fact that it was a military population made it doubly so.

We did it!
I must say that had it not been for my amazing friends, I would not have been able to do as well as I did. There were several points when I wanted to give up and just walk the rest of the way in shame, but I soldiered on. Thanks, ladies (especially V who literally pushed me forward at one point to continue)!

As for how well I did? Let's just say that I wasn't near last, but I also got beat by plenty of moms with strollers and an old man with a crazy intense power walk.

Thoughts that went through my head during my run (Warning: profanity ahead):

  • Fuck, it's freezing!
  • I'm glad I decided to wear a padded bra underneath my sports bra.
  • Would I be more aerodynamic if I had shaved my legs?
  • I should have shaved my legs in case I need to be rescued by paramedics.
  • Don't judge my hairy legs. My husband has been gone.
  • My fingers are red from the cold.
  • I feel awesome right now. I can do this.
  • Channel Wonder Woman, Min. 
  • I need to throw up.
  • I need to pee.
  • I can't go any further. I'm going to pass out right here.
  • I really should have shaved.
  • I hate you, V. I hate you so much for making me run again. I hate your guts.
  • Shit. Shit. Shit
  • Your husband would be so embarrassed by you right now if he saw you give up.
  • This damn incline!!!
  • I'm really going to throw up that free banana I ate half an hour ago.
  • I bet my bangs look terrible right now.
  • I can't feel my toes.
  • I need water. I need water right now.
  • Where is that stupid finish line?
  • Another damn incline?!
  • I'm about to faint.
  • I see the end to this.
  • I'm sprinting to the end!
  • Holy crap! Did my shorts fall down? I can't feel them!
  • Oh, it's only because my legs are numb from the cold.
  • YES! I'M DONE!
  • I need water. Get me water now.


Belinda said…
Your hairy legs probably kept you warm!
Spencer said…
hahaha "I should have shaved my legs in case I need to be rescued by paramedics." was the best.

that was a very effective recount. i felt like i was tracking you through the entire thing :P