Bumble Bella

Bumble Bella reporting in! I wanted to talk to you about what happened this past Monday. Mommy dressed me in an absolutely adorable bumble bee costume. It even had pink wings! Auntie gave it to me last year.

I thought I looked so good in my costume that I had my mom take pictures of me on both sides. I couldn't decide what my best side was because I am just so cute from wet nose to pointy tail.

Mommy had a great big bowl of candy. She would only let me smell it though because she said candy was too expensive to share with a dog. I thought she was crazy for putting in Army key chains, but actually the little kids thought they were so cool and they were a big hit!

Mommy wanted me to sit quietly and greet all the trick-or-treaters. However, I was too excited not to bark and lunge at all of them though so she locked me in my kennel! Humph! I was only trying to protect our house.

Even though I was locked in my cage, Mommy still had good company. Her friend brought over her own two dogs. Brutus stole my costume. Doesn't he know that pink is for girls?! Apparently, they were much better behaved so they were allowed to stay outside the entire time. Later, Brutus told me that some kid was trying to say hello by sticking his butt in his face! He kept shouting, "Here! Here! Smell!" Brutus did not want to sniff any kid's butt!

The most clever costume was this girl's Taylor Swift outfit. She even made that guitar herself and had a little hole on the top for people to slip in some candy.

Mommy was fighting a nasty case of the sniffles and wasn't sure if it was because of allergies or a cold. Daddy told her, "I think it's allergies because you have a bee in the house." Silly, Daddy! It's not like I stung Mommy with my little fabric stinger!