Good Deeds #2 and #3

I'm sure I've done more good deeds since my last post, but I've just completely neglected to write about them. 

Good Deed #2:

While monitoring the flow of the lunch line today, I discovered that one of the lunch ladies was celebrating a birthday. I whispered to each student I let through of this so the hardworking woman received numerous birthday wishes and songs. Her face absolutely lit up every time someone said, "Happy Birthday."What an easy way to cheer up a stranger's day!

I started reminding the students to remember to thank the lunch ladies for their food. It's appalling to me that these eighth graders don't think of doing so themselves. That's such a basic thing you are supposed to learn even before you go to school.

"Don't forget to say thank you!"

"Who do I say thank you to?"

"The women serving you your food!"

At the end of each lunch I would go into the back room and personally thank the lunch ladies for their hard work. It's unfortunate that they are obviously stunned when I thank them, but they are also so grateful to be noticed for what they do.

Yes, you are!

Good Deed #3:

I mentioned to you back in April that I introduced myself to the nicest man on the planet, Robert, who just so happens works in the grocery store on post. Sometimes, Robert is not there when I shop, which means I have to deal with the crabbiest employees.

A few months ago, I introduced myself to an older woman with an awful attitude in an attempt to make our meetings with each other a little more pleasant. She was definitely taken aback when I stuck out my hand to shake hers. I saw her a few times since that encounter, but I didn't really see too much a change in her behavior towards me. I didn't give up though.

Tonight, I saw her struggling with two grocery carts stuck to each other. I went over there to help her and she was so thankful! Dana's mood turned completely around. I saw the frustration in her face completely melt away. I wonder how long she had been trying to get the carts apart and how many people just walk past her. All she needed was another hand.

To show her gratitude, Dana pointed me towards extra coupon books and talked to me about how one particular book had great ones with soup coupons. She even went out of her way to grab yet another coupon book that included healthy recipes. Dana may not be as outwardly polite or personable as Robert, but this was her way of showing me that she appreciated what I had done for her.


I know so many people who tell me that I am far too nice and that I care too much about others. The smiles I saw on these ladies' faces just proves to me that taking that extra little step to help somebody else is well worth it. I know that I cannot change the world. However, I can still make a difference in someone's day.