I Love You, Target!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Target. Today was my third trip there this week alone, and of course I can never leave without buying something. It's awful, really. But I just cannot resist Target's neat and wide aisles, their great prices, or convenience. 

I feel like I have to justify my shopping trips by showing you what spectacular deals I just could not turn away from.

Their Valentine's stock is now 75% off. And instead of being solely interested in their discount candies, I was digging through their seasonal decorations. I have always wanted a house decorated with holiday items so I decided to stock up for future years now that I have a home of my own.

I can just picture perfectly frosted cupcakes displayed on these heart-shaped plates. The bear bowls will probably find their way into my craft room somehow because they just make me so happy to look at.

Target had a lot of other things on clearance, too! I picked up some essentials for the household. I'm especially proud of my crazy cheap tape find. I get excited over strange things. Oh, and Colgate 360 toothbrushes are my new favorite and I usually get them for about $3 each so it was definitely a steal.

And since I just started working out again for the first time in probably half a year, I picked up some clearance outfits, too. I'm hoping that the guilt of spending money will push me even further to lose seven pounds and maintain it. 

Other things I found on clearance: Garnier Fructis products, Olay products, Sally Hansen nail polish, Tresemme products, diapers, vitamins, blankets, bath towels, Slimfast drinks, clothes steamer, air filters, socks, men's undershirts, tights, house slippers

So head out to Target if you have time! They have things on clearance completely spread out throughout the store. Happy shopping!

P.S. Sorry, husband for spending all your money!