Do you remember my post on politeness? If you can believe it, I came across three separate indiscretions within three minutes by three different people!

I was sitting in the office of an elementary school for interview number two.

Indiscretion 1: I saw the UPS man rolling in four large boxes. I went up from my seat and got the door for him. He was thankful. The secretary said, "Put it against the wall there." What she should have said was, "Can you please put it over against the wall there? Thank you."

Indiscretion 2: As the UPS man was leaving, another woman said to him, "Are you really going to leave this box in the way of the door? Seriously?" The box was only about six inches into the doorway so the guy thought it was a joke and chuckled. The woman continued with, "I'm not joking. This is a fire hazard! Is this heavy? Move it!" Tired of this crap, he just walked away. She then shot me a baffled look as if searching for some form of recognition. I did not give her any. I am positive that if she had asked nicely he would have moved it for her.

Indiscretion 3: I saw a woman carrying large bags. I got up and opened the door for her. She barely looked at me. No thank you. No hello. WTF. I don't do these things to get a "thank you" from him/her. I do it because it is a nice thing to do. But how difficult is it to say two little words?


Were people not taught these things at age two or at least when they entered kindergarten? I can't stand this behavior and I vow RIGHT NOW that my future children will be polite as soon as they are able to speak. Their first words will be: mommy, daddy, please and thank you.


Also, there was another woman at the interview who was at my last interview. She began talking to me and told me how she has been to six other interviews and has not been hired yet. I thought that she was a very confident and well spoken person so I am now pretty terrified that I will never be hired.

But here are three things she said that bugged me because I could tell that she was just saying it to intimidate me instead of just stirring up a conversation:
A) "I called the district and asked why I haven't been hired. I asked if there was something wrong with me, but they told me that everyone loved me."
B) "I have my degree."
C) "Good luck!"

Alright, girl. I have my degree too. Graduated with a 3.98 GPA summa cum laude. Take that!! But of course I didn't tell her that.

I think that there is just a band of desperate Army Wives going for the same positions. Do you know how many there are?

I better get used to just sitting at home and ranting about my bad encounters with people.


Spencer said…
dang you never told me you graduated summa cum laude!

on a separate note, how bothered would you be if your babies first words were daddy isntead of mommy??