Feeling Sentimental

I miss...

All of my things, most notably my baking supplies and wrapping paper
High school (and my high school weight)
Disneyland with The Hubby
A fresh hair cut
This week in this house in Lake Champlain
...with this view
Free gourmet breakfasts every morning during our honeymoon
A swimming pool
Chinese/Asian food
The beach
New York City
These guys
California's weather
These two
All of these people
This ride
This moment
Molca Salsa's carne asada fries
My family


Tiffany said…

And I was expecting a full page portrait of me in your list of things you miss. Haha! <3
acceberrrr said…
don't miss that ride!!!

everything else, .. :(
Spencer said…
i could mail you some fried pork sung hahaha