Brandon left this Sunday morning to do something called SDO (Staff Duty Officer?) on post. I don't know. He spits out all the acronyms and I just nod my head.

I have no clue what exactly he's doing, but I know that he will be away all day and will return tomorrow around lunch time. Oh, and also the other day he told me that another lieutenant got jumped while on SDO. There are just some things you don't have to tell your wife.

On his way out, he looked at our bookshelves and picked up an orange book titled The German Empire.

Brandon: Hmm. This is a good read.
And then he stuck it in his laptop bag, kissed me goodbye and left.
Me: I'm blogging about this!

I thought I would share with the world what a great big nerd my husband is. And he's handsome, too.

BTW, comments make me ridiculously happy. For realz.