Present Face

The Hubby's little brother turned eight two days before my birthday. For the first time, he requested The Hubby send him "an Army shirt" as a gift.

We sent him one of The Hubby's old ACU shirts with all of the badges and pins, including his Ranger tab. Also included in the package was a dirty cap, tattered ACU shirt and a spicy penne pasta MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). The birthday card was addressed to "Lt. Schmidt".

The Hubby was extremely excited for Dylan to open his present, but we were afraid that he would react indifferently. You know the response that you make when you receive a gift that you don't really like and answer with "Aw, you shouldn't have." Watch the following video and you'll understand.

But, thankfully, Dylan really seemed to love his gift and it got a great response from all the guests at his birthday party (most noticeably his proud dad). Check out this little Ranger!
He'll need a few years to grow into it, but it sure looks good!
They were thoughtful enough to send us a video of him opening the gift. Click here to view. Dylan doesn't tear open the USPS box until about 0:55. Watching this video made us miss home so much, especially with the kids growing up so quickly.

Happy birthday, little bro. I can't believe I've known you since you were a biting and spitting two year old.


Rebecca said…
hes such a cute kid!
Spencer said…
dude thats robin scherbatsky