Happy Birthday to Me!

Hip Hip Hooray!

On my 22nd birthday (to be updated as the day goes on) I did/got the following:
  • To get a kiss goodbye before Bella when The Hubby leaves for work in the morning
  • For Bella to go potty without persuasion
  • To walk around in my underwear for as long as possible
  • To eat ice cream for breakfast (did not happen because I ate all my ice cream last night instead. FAIL)
  • To bake without guilt
  • For Brandon to come home for lunch
  • Maybe some birthday cards in the mail instead of bills
  • Phone calls or texts from my friends and family because I miss them
  • Something fatty for dinner (maybe ice cream again)
  • To watch at least two episodes of "Lost" before bed
The job requires me to wrangle kindergarten kids 7.5 hours a day, 108 days a year, for only $8.58/ hour because minimum wage in Texas sucks arse. But whatever. This means I can buy knick knacks galore!!!

I start on August 13th. I better enjoy all the naps in the middle of the afternoon while I can!

Peace out, yo!


acceberrrr said…
congrats!! is this the first or second school?
Tiffany said…
YAY! Congrats and happy birthday!