We Love/Hate You, Ikea

So you make the hour drive to go into Ikea, and are instantly dazzled by all of the perfectly matched furniture and their unbelievable prices. The beauty of it all is the ability to say, "I want this one," and then you write down the aisle and bin number on the paper they provide.
You then take the boxes of wood and parts and drive it home. There is something about putting furniture together with your bare hands that makes the purchase even more satisfying.
But what they don't tell you is how many different parts are in the box and how long it will take for you to put it all together.
But you opened up the box already. You are past the point of no return. What else can you do but put on a happy face (and hike up your top for a picture) and tell yourself: "We can do this!"
We found that the best way to go about all this was for me to read the directions and for The Hubby to do the hard manual labor.
And here is the aftermath. I like to call it The Ikea Massacre. We have a box room in our house, don't you? Our plan is to slowly bring all the boxes to the recycling center on post.
FYI, check your Ikea's "As-Is" section for some great deals on furniture. We got our couch $150 off the original price just because it was a floor model. There was nothing wrong with the actual frame of the couch. All it needed was new covers. However, they charged us an extra $60 for an "as-is" item as part of their ridiculous shipping policies.
This is what our living room looks like as of now. We still need to fill it with plenty of knick-knacks, rugs and picture frames. The Hubby is in love with his television, which was quite a steal too. We purchased it as an "open item" at Best Buy for $608 instead of $750.
Our bookshelves consist of books on military leadership, war stories, and great empires.
I really need a better camera. I'm sorry the pictures are of such poor quality.
The Hubby was so happy to have his own little desk and work station. Believe it or not, this desk was the most difficult of all the pieces to put together.
Here is our little dining table with the most uncomfortable chairs on the planet. Thank goodness for seat cushions.
A last warning about Ikea, which I touched on briefly earlier: Get a truck. Or a SUV. Or anything other than The Hubby's small Ford Focus. Ikea gets all of their money back with their shipping prices ($150.47!) and they also give you a ridiculous shipping time frame like "Monday, between 10am and 9pm".

It took us a month and numerous trips before we made the common areas acceptable for guests.

Who knew you had to buy so much to fill up an empty house?


Spencer said…
did brandon have to read the art of war and war and peace for west point?